Short title, extent and commencement. — (1) This Act may be called 5[the Punjab] Tobacco Vend Act, 1958.
6[(2) It extends to the whole of the Province of 7[the Punjab] except the Tribal Areas.]
(3) It shall be deemed to have come into force from the first of April, 1958.
Prohibition against dealing in manufactured tobacco without dealer’s licence. — No person who does not grow tobacco himself or with the aid of the members of his family or by tenants or hired labour shall keep for retail sale or sell by retail manufactured tobacco in any urban area without a dealer’s licence.
Penalty for offences under section 3 and for breach of conditions of licence. — (1) Whoever, in contravention of the provisions of section 3, keeps for sale or sells by retail manufactured tobacco, or being the holder of a dealer’s licence commits a breach of any of the conditions subject to which the licence has been granted shall be punishable with fine which may extend to one hundred rupees.
Powers of magistrate to direct payment of licence fees in addition to fine. — When any person who does not hold a dealer’s licence is convicted of an offence under sub-section (1)
of section 5, the magistrate may direct that such person shall pay, in addition to the fine imposed on him, the fees payable for a dealer’s licence.
Composition of offences.— The Collector or any magistrate authorised by him may accept from any person against whom a reasonable suspicion exists that he has committed an offence under this Act, a sum of money not exceeding one hundred rupees by way of composition for such offence or alleged offence.
Officers of the Excise and Taxation Department to have powers of investigation.— Every officer of the Excise and Taxation Department not below such rank as Government may prescribe13 shall have the powers of a police officer in charge of a police station and may investigate offences under this Act without the order of a magistrate and exercise the same powers in respect of the investigation (except the power to arrest without warrant) as an officer in charge of a police station may exercise in a cognizable case. Download Complete THE PUNJAB TOBACCO VEND ACT, 1958


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