Short title, extent and commencement.— (1) This Act may be called the Cotton Ginning and Pressing Factories Act, 1925.
Maintenance of registers.— (1) The owner of every cotton ginning factory shall cause to be maintained at the factory in such form, if any, as may be prescribed a ginning register containing a record of all cotton ginned in the factory and of the names of the persons for whom and the dates on which the cotton has been ginned and of the amount ginned for each person.
Marking of bales.— (1) The owner of every cotton pressing factory shall cause every bale pressed in the factory to be marked in such manner as may be prescribed, before it is removed from
the press-house, with a serial number and with the mark prescribed for the factory.
Returns.— (1) The owner of every cotton pressing factory shall submit to the prescribed authority, within such time and in such form as may be prescribed, weekly returns showing the
total number of bales of cotton pressed during the preceding week and from the commencement of the season to the end of that week, and the approximate average net weight of the bales pressed in that week.
Scales and weights.— (1) No scales or weights shall be used in any cotton ginning or cotton pressing factory other than the scales or weights, if any, prescribed by the [Federal] Government as standard for the district in which the factory is situated.
Liability of lessee as owner.— (1) Where the owner of a cotton ginning or pressing factory has leased the factory for a period of not less than one month in the case of a cotton ginning factory, or three months in the case of a cotton pressing factory, and the lessor retains no interest in the management or profits of the factory and notice of the lease has been given by the lessor and the lessee to the prescribed authority, the lessee shall be deemed to be the owner of the factory, from the date of the notice and for the period of the continuance of the lease, for the purposes of section 3, in respect of the registers maintained or to be maintained from that date and for that period, and for the purposes of sections 4, 5 22[, 5A] and 6.


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