‘slapping’ Aamir Khan Shiv Sena offers Rs 1 lakh

'slapping' Aamir Khan Shiv Sena offers Rs 1 lakh
‘slapping’ Aamir Khan Shiv Sena offers Rs 1 lakh
Hardline Hindu nationalist party knife Sena has offered Rs100,000 for anyone WHO ‘slaps’ film industry actor Aamir Khan for his comments on rising intolerance in Bharat.

According to reports within the Indian media, knife Sena activists gathered outside the edifice wherever Khan is staying on weekday, hurling abuses against the whiz and career for him to depart the country if he’s “so irritated over the case here”.

The protestors conjointly burnt his images, disrupting traffic within the town.

“Any one who slaps Aamir Khan would be rewarded Rs one large integer by our organization.
this is often vital as a result of nobody living in our country ought to dare to mention something against Bharat,” same native knife Sena leader Rajeev Tandon, WHO was leading the protest.

“Anyone from the edifice employees to the crew will slap him and take the reward,” he was quoted as oral communication.

The popular actor has found himself at the centre of an argument following Associate in Nursing interview earlier in the week within which he same his mate Kiran had steered feat Bharat seeable of growing intolerance within the country.

The actor of PK – Aamir Khan’s blockbuster flick of 2014 – conjointly showed support for the artists and inventive folks that had came their awards in protest over the growing climate of intolerance in Bharat.

On weekday, Ramdas Kadam — a knife Sena minister within the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP)-led Maharashtra government — same that actor swayer Khan “can move to Pakistan” if he didn’t love Bharat which folks like swayer, Shahrukh and Dilip Kumar were like “snakes”, considering their statements.

“If he doesn’t love the country any further, then he will move to Asian nation,” Kadam same.

Notable Indian celebrities like Anupam Kher, Raveena Tandon, Rishi Kapoor and Ram Gopal Varma have slammed Aamir Khan within the media for his comments and for career Bharat intolerant.

So far, Aamir has received support solely from Oscar-winning musician AR Rahman WHO says he long-faced the same state of affairs months past.

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