Shaheen Air flight crash lands 10 injured

Shaheen Air flight crash lands 10 injured
Shaheen Air flight crash lands 10 injured LAHORE: a minimum of ten passengers were lacerate because the tyre of a domestic Shaheen Air flight burst throughout associate airplane landing at Allama Iqbal International landing field on Tues.

The Karachi-Lahore flight NL-142 was carrying quite 100 passengers, landing field sources say.
Shaheen Airlines flies four flights from urban center to metropolis daily.

The lacerate were given immediate medical treatment. None square measure aforementioned to be in crucial condition.

Faulty undercarriage

The plane skidded off the metropolis runway once faulty undercarriage caused the tyre to burst, in line with initial reports.

The body of the craft was broken once the plane skidded off the runway.

The pilot of the craft had given previous intimation to airdrome authorities relating to the fault within the undercarriage before creating the airplane landing.

Aviation authorities and therefore the fireplace brigade reached the spot in a very timely manner.

“This looks to be a standard landing that resulted in a very runway excursion,” a pilot of a world airline told

Meanwhile, a traveler of the flight told media personnel that, “The craft was facing some issues even at the time of begin from Karachi’s statesman International field (JIA).
” He aforesaid that the front tyre of the craft had broken off throughout impact of the landing at Lahore and intercalary that ulterior turbulence had caused baggage to happen upon some passengers.

Another traveler traveler aforesaid that, “Everything was alright and fine, even till 2 minutes before landing everything was alright. i’m undecided what went wrong at the time of landing, whether or not it absolutely was fault with the plane or anything.”

Fearful ANd panicky passengers were exhausted through an emergency gate

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Pakistan representative Pervez martyr aforesaid that a security Investigation Board would probe the incident.

All domestic flights at the field were delayed as a results of the incident, in line with a tweet by CAA.
The delayed flight numbers ar as follows: Shaheen Airlines flight NL-143, Pakistan International Airlines flights PK-303 and PK-652.

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