Serena bakery sealed ICT administration

Serena bakery sealed ICT administration

Serena bakery sealed ICT administration ISLAMABAD: The district administration sealed Serena Hotel’s room, workplace and food hold on Wednesday attributable to insanitary conditions.

According to ICT administration, the predatory team headed by Assistant Commissioner retired Captain Waqas Rashid found unhealthy food things, decomposition raw vegetables and expired workplace merchandise.

Deputy Commissioner Islamabad, Mushtaq Ahmed aforesaid the predatory team had found chefs getting ready food while not hair nets and gloves. “One cook was creating food with a wound on his hand.”

The ICT administration’s official Facebook page claims there have been no ending dates on drinking water cans and a few bottles lay while not caps in dirty surroundings outside the room.
It says food handlers weren’t insusceptible nor were they medically examined.

A report on the Facebook page says frozen chicken with ending dates for up to a year was brought from metropolis against ‘grave violation of health safety, hygiene laws’ which inadequate voidance arrangements had caused stagnant water accumulations on the ground.

The report says all expired things and also the decomposition vegetables and fruits had been sent for chemical testing.

Azam Jamil, Serena Hotel’s company director, rejected the team’s findings, oral communication that Serena may be a member of ‘Leading Hotels of the globe (LHW)’, and maintains a high normal of cleanliness and food.

However, man Jamil admitted that some cooks weren’t carrying hair nets. once asked regarding the frozen chicken, he aforesaid their ending dates were clearly sealed on them which as a result of they see plenty of diners, chicken doesn’t last quite ten days in their stores.

He aforesaid reports of 1 of the cooks operating with a burn on his hand was conjointly not true.
“He got burned a month back. The wound is currently well. He was allowed to figure once a examination,” adding there was currently simply a red scar on his hand.

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