Russia has deeployed 28 combat planes in Syria

Russia has deeployed 28 combat planes in Syria
WASHINGTON: Russia has deployed twenty eight combat planes in Asian country, us (US) officers same Mon, confirming the newest move in Moscow’s increasing military presence within the war-worn nation.

Washington in recent weeks has expressed growing concern over Russia’s moves to support Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and warned that militarily backing his regime risks any hampering efforts at transfer peace.

Experts same the build-up is probably going a prelude to group action.

“There ar twenty eight fighter ANd bomber aircraft” at an landing field within the western Syrian province of Latakia, one amongst the officers told alpha foetoprotein, speaking on condition of namelessness.

A second official, additionally speaking on condition of namelessness, confirmed the figure and additional there have been additionally regarding twenty Russian combat and transport helicopters at the bottom.

That official additionally same Russia was in operation drones over Asian country, however didn’t provide further details.

According to the officers, Russia has sent twelve SU-24 fighter, twelve SU-25 onset craft and 4 Flanker fighter jets.

Analyst Jeffrey White of the Washington Institute for Middle East Policy said: “They aren’t getting to sit around and defend the landing field or even even the province of Latakia.”

This kind of craft suggests that the Russians shall exert their combat power outside of Latakia in AN offensive role.

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