Rules For The Use Of Staff Cars 1980

The Federal Government is pleased to make the following rules for the use of staff cars, namely:-
Short title, application and commencement:-
(1) These rules may be called the ‘Rules for the Use of S taff Cars, 1980’.
(2) They shall apply to the staff cars maintained by various Divisions including the staff cars maintained by the cabinet Division in the Central Pool and, unless stated otherwise, to operational vehicles.
(3) They shall come into force at once.
In these rules, unless there is anything repugnant in the
subject or context.
(i) ‘Division’ means a Division as defined in the Rules of Business,
1973 and includes an attached Department and a Subordinate Office;
(ii) ‘Officer’ means an officer of Grade 16 and above and includes
a Minister, or any other dignitary or office holder notified as an ‘officer’
(iii) Minister includes a Minister of State and an Adviser having the
rank and status of a Minister or Minister of State;
(iv) ‘Officer-in-Charge’ means an officer nominated by a Division to be responsible for the proper maintenance and utilization of the vehicles of that Division;
(v) ‘Official duty’ or ‘Official Business’ means a journey performed in the public interest from office or residence to a place where the presence of the officer is required for official work and back;
(vi) ‘Pool Car’ means a staff car maintained by the Cabinet Division
in the Central Pool;
(vii) ‘Operational Vehicle’ means a motor vehicle used by the staff of a technical department for operational duties:
(vii) It is clarified that operational vehicles have been defined in 2(vii) of the Rules for the Use Staff Cars-1980”. These rules are applicable in cases of all the vehicles maintained by Ministries/Divisions, Departments and Subordinate Offices
unless stated otherwise. Rule 3(5) of the Rules for the Use of Staff Cars, 1980 lays down that no Division shall purchase Download RULES FOR THE USE OF STAFF CARS 1980


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