Qureshi house PTI workers protest continues

Qureshi house PTI workers protest continues
Qureshi house PTI workers protest continues
MULTAN: employees of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf continuing their protest on the second day on weekday against the unjust distribution of party tickets for the authorities elections.

Protesting outside the residence of monarch Mahmood Qureshi, they proclaimed continued their protest if the tickets weren’t issued to their candidates.

The protesters were holding eggs in their hands inscribed with ‘Go monarch Go’. They conjointly alleged the role of cash within the purchase of tickets.

They claimed that man Qureshi issued the tickets within the district to the folks of his selection.
They aforesaid that a lot of different employees were denied tickets and there was a robust reaction against issuance tickets to those that needed to highjack the party.

PTI’s district organiser Ijaz Janjua aforesaid the parliamentary board appointive Chaudhry Asif Irshad for the price tag of union council sixty seven, however it absolutely was issued to leader Jahanzeb Bucha.

GUNNED DOWN: A dealer was gunned down whereas 2 passersby were blistered throughout a theft at Dewan Bagh on Nawabpur Road here on weekday.

Reports aforesaid that 3 armed men barged into a mobile look of Qaisar Abbas and shot him dead on resistance.
2 passersby, Imran and Riaz, were conjointly blistered within the incident.

Police have registered a case and commenced work.

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