Punjab Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority-TEVTA Rules, 2001

Dated Lahore, the 5th July, 2001.


No.SO(TII)21-16/98(P.II) In exercise of the powers conferred under Section 13 of the Punjab Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority Ordinance, 1999 and other enabling provisions in this regard, the Government of the Punjab is pleased to make the following Rules:-
1. Title:- These Rules may be called the Punjab Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority Rules, 2001.

i) They shall come into force at once.
ii) They shall apply to the whole of the Province of Punjab.

2. Powers of the Authority.
i) The Authority shall have administrative and financial powers for over-all management of the Institutions in accordance with the provisions of the Ordinance and Rules made thereunder and such other powers as may be delegated to the Authority by the Government.
ii) The different functionaries of TEVTA will be delegated the administrative and the financial powers under the laws applicable to the Civil Servant to deal with the service and financial matters of the Government employees transferred to TEVTA.
iii) The Authority may dispose of any moveable property held by it. For doing so the Authority may lay down specific regulations/procedure.

3. Functions of the Authority.
For development of a demand driven, standardized, dynamic and integrated Technical Education and Vocational Training System, the Authority shall perform the following functions:-
i) Preparation of necessary policy guidelines for supervision, coordination, working and smooth functioning of the Institutions;
ii) Acquiring developing and administering the Institutions;
iii) The Authority shall be empowered to grant consultation upto Rs.1 million per annum by following their prescribed procedure. Beyond that the procedure notified by the P&D for selection of Consultants shall be followed;
iv) Approval of development projects / schemes up to Rs.20.00 Million involving Government Funds shall be accorded by Special DDWP (D.D.S.C.) comprising upto four members to be constituted by the Authority having a representative each from Finance and P&D Departments (not below the rank of Deputy Secretary). The Committee will be headed by the Chief Executive Officer of TEVTA. For the development projects to be funded from the resources of TEVTA, other than the government funds, the TEVTA may evolve its own procedure of preparing and approving the projects;
v) Implementation of the projects / schemes in accordance with procedure as may be prescribed by the Authority;
vi) Approval of procurement and installation of equipment for the Institutions;
vii) Updating/changes in the syllabi, curricula and time schedule for the Diploma and Certificate courses and for on-the-job training of the trainees in the Institutes and the Industries;

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Source: www.punjab.gov.pk

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