Punjab Govt Notification of One Year LPR Encashment

Government of Punjab has issued a notification by virtue of which LPR may be encashed for the period of one year. Same was encashed for six months earlier.

Dated Lahore the 9″ September, 2013


No.FD-SR-I1/2-141/2012. In exercise of the powers conferred under Section 23 of the Punjab Civil Servants Act. 1974 (Punjab Act No.VIII of 1974), the Governor of the Punjab is pleased to adopt Notification No.S.R.0.70(KE)/2012 dated 29th August, 2012 of Government of Pakistan. Ministry of Finance and Revenue (Finance Division) (Regulations Wing) Islamabad. with the following amendments in Rule 17 of the Revised Leave Rules, 1981:-

(i) In Rule 17. for the words “One hundred and eighty wherever occurring, the words “three hundred and sixty five” shall be substituted: and

(ii) In sub-rules (2) & (5) for the words “One hundred and eighty’ the words “three hundred and sixty five” shall be substituted.

(iii) After sub-rule (5), amended as aforesaid, the following new sub-rules shall be inserted, namely:-
Encashment of leave preparatory to retirement (LPR) not exceeding three hundred and sixty five days shall be effective from the first day of September. 2013 and shall. for the entire period of leave refused or opted for encashment, be applicable to a civil servant retired or. as the cases may be. retiring on or after the first day of September. 2013, provided such leave is available at his credit subject to a maximum of three hundred and sixty five days.

(6-A) The encashment of LPR shall also be applicable to employees of the autonomous and semi-autonomous bodies under Administrative control of the Punjab Government which have adopted basic pay scales schemes and these rules in toto.

(6-B) If at any time during such period, leave is granted on account of ill health supported by Medical Certificate or for performance of Hajj, the amount of cash compensation on account of leave pay shall be reduced by an amount equal to the leave pay for the period of leave so granted.

(6-C) Leave pay for the purpose of encashment of LPR shall be computed on the basis of pay and allowances reckonable towards pension as shown in the last pay certificate of a civil servant.


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