PTI challenged ECP decision for election campaign restriction

PTI challenged ECP decision for election campaign restriction
LAHORE: Asian country|West Pakistan|Asian country|Asian nation} Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has challenged within the metropolis state supreme court the choice of commission of Pakistan (ECP) to bar party chief from collaborating within the campaigns of electoral candidates.

Under the ECP code of conduct, MPs aren’t allowed to canvass within the constituencies, wherever by-poll is command. However, Imran Khan is of the read that he’s the party chairman and it’s his responsibility to convey and propagate the party’s declaration.

In its plea, PTI has contended that exclusion party chief from election campaign doesn’t are available the jurisdiction of ECP.

Defying apparent rules for election campaign, Khan, when consultation with legal consultants, had declared a full scale electoral drive for NA-122 and NA-154 constituencies.

On Sabbatum, he said, “I am inaugurating Abdul Aleem Khan’s electoral campaign here, individuals square measure set to defeat people who scarf their mandate.”

Khan additionally declared a huge rally for Gregorian calendar month four in national capital and supplemental that any set up of action are going to be declared then.

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