Profusionads – A new Advertising Program’s Initial Review

Profusionads seems a new advertising program because i didn’t find much on Google or Yahoo about that.I actually found them here and thought to try them. I am not sure whether they are a real advertising program or scam owing to the fact that they don’t have good presence over internet except their own site description and above mentioned review. The reviewer, however enlists them at the top with InfoLinks and ExitJunction for High Paying Adsense alternatives of 2013. .

Profusionads Features

Profusionads serves CPC text ads or both CPC text and CPM image ads and claims to be a high paying ad network with upto $5 per click and #0.03 per impression. Profusionads claims to pay twice a month on 1st and 15th of each month with a minimum threshold of $50 both via Paypal and Bank Wire Transfer. They offer 365*24*7 high priority support which i don’t agree with as I sent them a simple query about an hour ago while typing these lines and didn’t find any response yet. They further claim 100 % fill rate.

I have just pasted Profusionads code on my website and found an ad of “Everything about Everything”. I shall continue to share my experience with Profusionads.

Profusionads Later Experiences

Everything was fine initially when I implemented Profusionads code on my website but after some time I observed a drastic change; my website gets hanged and after a minute or so it opens without displaying any Profusionads ad. is not opening also at the moment. I don’t find them good at the start and have just removed the code for time being. I shall paste their code some other time to find out more about Profusionads.

The Server of was down. I have implemented ad code again.It is working fine but no variety of ads has been observed so far only “Everything about Everything” ad is being displayed. Per Click rate is $0.07 presently which is not bad.The customer Service Representative answers the raised queries and conveys that variety of ads will be displayed within one month.

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