Against Sindh Politicians Corruption Action

 Politicians Corruption Action

Against Sindh Politicians Corruption Action ISLAMABAD: The National answerability Bureau (NAB) has intense its investigation against alleged corruption, misbr allotment of land, China-cutting and misuse of authority by Sindh officers and politicians, and a few major developments ar expected during this regard before long.

According to credible sources, NAB has found solid and credible proof against ex-federal minister for crude Dr Asim Hussain for alleged corruption within the energy sector, the Asian nation Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) and conjointly concerning his involvement in China cutting.

According to sources, the Joint Investigation Team of the NAB and Rangers inquisitory the allegations against Dr Asim has conjointly got solid proof of corruption and corrupt practices against the highest political leaders of the PPP, Sindh, and bureaucrats and initiated investigations against them.

Top official sources in capital of Pakistan told The News that the JIT had tightened the noose around Dr Asim Hussain and his associates and at the time of his production within the courts, when the end of 90-day judicial remand, it’ll have credible and solid proof.

Sources aforementioned the authorities were set to require action against a distinguished political figure of PPP Sindh, UN agency was a member of the Sindh cupboard.
it’s going to be mentioned here that investigations were being dispensed against ex-Sindh Minister for Education Pir Mazharul Haq for lawlessly appointing many academics.

Besides, the NAB is additionally process a grievance against Munawar Ali Talpur, UN agency is that the in-law of former president and Co-chairman PPP Asif Ali Zardari, and conjointly against the cabinet minister Sindh Siddique Memon with respect to creating misbr appointments within the provincial departments.

Sharing developments within the in progress investigation against Dr Asim, sources aforementioned the NAB had gained solid proof against him for his alleged involvement in China cutting of plots, giving permission to many non-public medical and dental schools and approving licenses for CNG stations beside issuance misbr directives and misusing his authority.

In this regard, the NAB metropolis had raided the PMDC headquarters in capital of Pakistan and brought away vital documents.
The JIT is investigation on the idea of knowledge received from Dr Asim and action would be taken against high-profile political personalities from Sindh before long.

Against Sindh Politicians Corruption Action Investigations into the escape of weight unit metropolis Building management Authority Manzoor Kaka and a few of his shut aides have conjointly been facilitated.
Another main character of the China cutting of plots in metropolis Shahzar Shamoon has conjointly on the loose abroad.

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