PML-N’s leadership is not willing for 2001-14 LG audit reports

 PML-N's leadership is not willing for 2001-14 LG audit reports
LAHORE: The Asian country Tehreek-i-Insaf alleges the ruling PML-N is making an attempt to hide up Rs200 billion corruption committed by the native governments between 2001-14 by avoiding presenting the audit reports within the Punjab Assembly.

“Financial irregularities value Rs200 billion were committed in native governments throughout 2001-14 in Punjab however the chief minister is avoiding to place the audit reports (of the period) before the House,” opposition leader Mahmoodur Rashid aforesaid during a group discussion here on weekday.

He proclaimed delivery a privilege motion against those making hurdles within the answerability and aforesaid he had additionally written to Shahbaz Sharif during this regard.

He claimed the auditor general had requested the Punjab governor and chief minister for tabling the audit reports before the House however to no avail.

He aforesaid it showed that eighty p.c of the weather World Health Organization did corruption throughout Musharraf regime had joined the PML-N and maybe below their pressure the Shahbaz government was concealing the audit reports.

Recalling the 2008 claim by Shahbaz regarding ill the plundered native governments cash from the corrupt, he lamented that identical chief minister was currently reluctant even to bring the matter before the House.

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