A Manual on Pension Procedures for Govt Employees of Pakistan

The last edition of “A Manual of Pension Procedures” was published in 1999. The manual proved very useful and served as an authentic reference book for settlement of pension cases. The government has introduced a number of measures to ensure expeditious disposal of pension cases of retired government servants. Instructions/Orders were issued from time to time to facilitate retired government servants and their families in case of death of government servants. The Pakistan Public Administration Research Centre of Establishment Division being the sole agency to prepare, review, update and publish Administrative/ Establishment Codes and Manuals, have now reviewed and updated the Manual in consultation with the Finance Division and Office of the Accountant General of Pakistan Revenue and brought out this comprehensive revised edition-2006 which
incorporates all such policy guidelines and procedures for initiation and finalization of pension cases without any delay.
2. It is hoped that the Manual will serve as a guide for the functionaries dealing with pension cases and will assist Ministries/
Divisions/Departments in timely completion and submission of such cases.
3. Though every effort has been made to ensure accuracy and comprehensiveness, however, any error, omission or suggestion for
improvement may kindly be brought to the notice of Director General,Pakistan Public Administration Research Centre, M. S. Wing,
Establishment Division Islamabad.

(Sheikh Naseer-ul-Haq)
Additional Secretary

November, 2006

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Source: establishment.gov.pk

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