Notification of Restoration of Pension after 15 years of Retirement

Ministry of Finance, Government of Pakistan has issued following notification by virtue of which the commuted portion of pension will be restored after 15 years of retirement in compliance to a judgment of Federal Services Tribunal.The restoration will be effective from 1st of July 2013.

Government of Pakistan
Finance Division
(Regulations Wing)

No. F.13 (13)-Reg.6/2011- Islamabad, the 11th March, 2013


Subject: – ORDER PASSED IN APPEAL NO. 887 TO 890, 912 TO 915, 922 TO 925 & 930 TO 934 (R) CS-2011, 1166, 1265, 1416 TO 1420, 1455, 1575 & 1794 (R) CS-2011 FILED BY MIRZA MUHAMMAD ISHAQUE, GHULAM MUSTAFA & OTHERS VS MINISTRY OF FINANCE.

In continuation of Finance Division’s O.M. No. 13(13)-Reg.6/2011 dated 21st January, 2013, the undersigned is directed to say that it has been decided to implement the Judgment of Federal Service Tribunal, Islamabad dated 05.01.2012 upheld by Supreme Court of Pakistan vide Judgment dated 24.04.2012 in respect of all the equally placed pensioners with effect from 1st July, 2013, in view of the fact that budgetary cover is not provided in the current financial year for this unforeseen expenses. This is subject to the condition that if the constitutional petition to be filed by the Government is accepted by the Apex Court, the Government would recover the amount of increases in pension on restored portion of pension being allowed to them. The beneficiaries of this O.M. are required to furnish an undertaking on Judicial Paper for Rs.50/- as per enclosed format, to the concerned Accounts Officer.


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