Notification of Inspection Allowance For Female AEOs

Government of Punjab
School Education Department

NO. SO (ADP) MISC-409/2012.

The Competent Authority has been please to approve “‘Inspection Allowance” for Female Assistant Education Officers (AEOs) of School Education Department, Punjab to be payable against inspection of schools upto a maximum amount of Rs.5,000- per month with immediate effect. The Inspection Allowance will be paid by concerned District Governments out of their own resources.
The SOPs of Inspection Allowance are as under:-
(a) Inspection Allowance Rs.5000/-p.m. shall be payable on th basis of at least 50-Inspections of Schools in a month. In case of less than 50-Schools Inspection, it shall be claimed @Rs.100/- per school inspection.
(b) AEOs having less than 50-Schools in their jurisdiction shall be entitled to claim the inspection Allowance @ Rs.5000/-p.m, upon 100% Inspections. In case of less than 10O% Schools Inspection, it shall be claimed @ Rs.100,/- per school Inspection.
Inspection Allowance shall be admissible during vacation subject to prior approval of the competent authority.
Inspection Report prepared by AEOs shall be submitted to Deputy DEOs concerned along with follow-up report of previous month inspections.

inspection Allowance shall be paid after verified Inspection Report of immediate Controlling Officer of AEOs concerned.

Download: Notification of Inspection Allowance For Female AEOs


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