Muzaffarabad earthquake struck ten years ago

Muzaffarabad earthquake struck ten years ago

Muzaffarabad earthquake struck ten years ago : The morning the Islamic Republic of Pakistan earthquake stricken 10 years past, Nazish Naz had been reluctant to travel to high school, telling her elder sister the day felt cursed. but associate degree hour when the 16-year-old left home, disaster stricken.

The 7.6-magnitude quake close to town of Muzaffarabad in Azad Jammu and geographic region (AJK) killed over seventy three,000 people, wounded 128,000 and left around three.5 million homeless ─ however a decade on the region has however to recover.

Naz’s family remains unable to simply accept her death. apart from a lone photograph showing her black-and-blue in a very hospital that appeared in a very newspaper shortly when the disaster, there has been no trace of her: She has merely nonexistent.

Her family square measure among many relatives troubled to trace favorite ones lost within the earthquake, as all records of whether or not they survived were destroyed within the chaotic aftermath.

Broken guarantees

Shazia Haris, a spokesperson for the Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority (ERRA), says the govt. now not considers them missing.

“There were those who died and there have been those who were injured within the earthquake. If someone hasn’t came back to his or her home once ten years… it suggests that they’re sure as shooting dead and not missing,” Haris says.

But Naz’s folks refuse to administer up. “God willing area unit going to} continue our efforts to trace her as long as we have a tendency to are each alive,” says Abbasi.

“Whether it’s a matter of tracing the missing persons or reconstruction, nothing has gone in line with the secure plans,” says Zahid Amin, chief of the Muzaffarabad town Development Foundation.

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