Makkah’s Grand Mosque crane crashes at least 107 killed

Makkah's Grand Mosque crane crashes at least 107 killed
Makkah’s Grand Mosque crane crashes at least 107 killed RIYADH: a minimum of 107 folks were killed and 238 others gashed once a construction crane crashed into the Grand place of worship of Saudi Arabia’s holy Muslim town of Makkah on Fri, the civil defence aforesaid on Twitter.

According to sources, the gashed enclosed fifty two Pakistanis six of them area unit in important condition.

Pictures current on social media showed bloody bodies strewn across a grounds wherever the highest a part of constellation, that looked as if it would have folded or snapped, had crashed into it.

The civil defence authority, that gave the casualty figures, aforesaid on Twitter that emergency groups were sent to the scene when a “crane fell at the Grand Mosque”.

That passed off associate hour when it tweeted that Makkah was “witnessing medium to serious rains”.

The governor of Makkah , aristocrat Khaled al-Faisal, has ordered associate investigation into the incident.

The incident occurred as many thousands of Muslims gather from everywhere the planet for the annual haj journeying set to start later this month.

The Grand place of worship (Masjid al-Haram) is sometimes at its most huddled on Fridays, the Muslim weekly day of prayer.

It homes the Khana-e-Kaaba (House of Allah) — the huge cubical structure towards that Muslims worldwide pray.

A massive project is presently current to extend the world of the place of worship by four hundred,000 sq. metres (4.3 million sq. feet), permitting it to accommodate up to two.2 million folks directly.

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