Iran claimed that returning of Haj dead delayed

Iran claimed that returning of Haj dead delayed
TEHRAN: The homecoming of Iranians killed within the pillar of Islam stampede in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been delayed till a minimum of weekday, officers aforesaid, citing body issues and difficulties in characteristic victims.

With the uproar over the tragedy showing no sign of easing, President Hassan Rouhani arrived back in Tehran on weekday having left the world organization (UN) General Assembly early, once citing Saudi “incompetence” at the pillar of Islam.

However the families of these UN agency died within the crush ─ 228 Iranian fatalities are confirmed ─ ar still watching for the ceremonial come back of their beloved ones.

“A plane is meant to depart for Jidda tonight (Tuesday) for the transfer of bodies,” aforesaid Ali Marashi, head of the Iranian Red Crescent’s medical centre in Tehran, that is organising the homecoming.

But the task is proving tough because the toll continues to rise ─ on the far side the confirmed dead an additional 227 Iranians were out of action and 246 ar missing.

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