The world has undergone rapid transformation in the field of information sharing and cyber technology over last few decades. Internet today has become a greater player than it was ever before, conceived as legacy. Information warfare and spying are major players while it has many roles in today’s society and governance. Tremendous growth and changes have taken place since last Internet and E-mail policy was issued by the GoP. These changes/deficiencies have posed serious concerns by the presence and ingress of internet in our society and government sector. It is extremely important to accordingly educate its users on what all could be done both in terms of its merits and demerits.

In view of the sensitivity of the matter, GoP has made huge endeavors in adapting complete automation for e-governance, paper free environments and adopt secure and reliable communications on all electronic medium. So far lot of information losses have been indicated in last few years and when compared with its advantages in many respects the disadvantages have been predominant. The word e-mail has mostly been misunderstood and misused in many public sectors. Equally some government departments also in several forms started carelessly using it as official medium of communication, resulting into leakage of vital information through hacking/spying of sensitive government departments, thus warranting isolation of official business from private exchange of information.

Open IT and Networks government policy, deregulation, privatization and technology neutral licensing by PTA has alarmingly exposed/ illuminated the country’s cyber space and so every one in public sector. Pakistan’s peculiar environments of geo-political scenario including terrorism and foreign sponsored atrocities are no less to revisit our ICT related policies. It was strongly felt that we turn towards regulation of use of Internet and E-mail in public sector. Some basic policy parameters have therefore been addressed in this document and its forceful enforcement will contribute towards individual and departmental protection from any possible intrusion and hacking across the world, thus contributing in safeguarding our national security interest. Download Complete Policy


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