Imran Khan accuses PM “robbing” the nation

Imran Khan accuses PM"robbing" the nation
Imran Khan accuses PM “robbing” the nation LAHORE: The Asian country Tehreek-i-Insaf’s (PTI) by-election campaign over on a high note on Fri with party leaders, members and supporters gathered in massive numbers at Qartaba Chowk, Jail Road. The party’s flags fluttered as anthems blared on speakers and party chief Imran Khan took to the stage inculpative Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif of ‘robbing’ the state.

Claiming the prime minister was the foremost corrupt person within the country, Imran Khan urged the individuals of metropolis to vote for cricket equipment (PTI’s election symbol) on Sunday’s by-elections for NA-122 and PP-147 constituencies.

Imran blasts Nawaz for ‘corruption’, ‘inefficiency’

The PTI’s election campaign steady picked momentum over the last month. On Friday it touched new heights as a charged crowd carrying party banners and flags, leaders’ portraits and footage of cricket loony got hold of the party’s final public gathering before the by-election. In his closing speech, Imran Khan aforementioned the PTI candidate, Abdul Aleem Khan, had dispensed an excellent campaign that caused alarm within the PML-N camp. Aleem Khan forced the ruling party to usher in its ministers to counter their campaign, Imran supplemental.

Amidst party slogans, together with the Insafians’ favorite “Go Nawaz Go”, Khan aforementioned he was pleased with the response from urban center and urged everybody to confirm that no-one outrigged the election this point. Imran Khan supplemental that PML-N’s Ayaz Sadiq had won the election against him through rigging and had not came to the body later. “The individuals of this body still suffer whereas drinking insanitary water, passing through streets inundated with waste water and lack of education and health facilities,” he lamented.

Addressing Nawaz Sharif directly for the third consecutive time within the by-election campaign, adult male Khan derided him for corrosion his “darbaris” against him. He asked the prime minister to clarify to the state however he [Nawaz Sharif] may build Rs200 billion whereas paying a most of Rs5,000 in tax. He challenged the PML-N leaders to raise Nawaz Sharif concerning his assets, together with those cumulated abroad. “My life and death is with Asian country and can ne’er run to metropolis just like the Sharif family,” aforementioned the PTI chief.

Responding to PML-N’s questions on party funding, Khan attacked the ruling party’s character and waved affidavits from former weight unit international intelligence agency info Durrani and Khalid Khwaja, wherever adult male Durrani admitted that he gave Mehran Bank’s cash to Nawaz Sharif, whereas Kahlid Khwaja aforementioned that he bestowed Osama Bin Laden’s cash to Nawaz Sharif to topple the govt in 1989. “Nawaz Sharif had even ‘stolen’ cash from that fund for himself,” alleged Imran Khan.

He supplemental that corruption was rampant in Asian country and claimed that Bangladesh’s foreign reserves had reached some thirty billion bucks, whereas Asian country was still standing with twenty billion bucks. Aleem Khan, the PTI candidate, aforementioned the “takht urban center would fall on October 11” and vowed that he would become a true messiah for residents of the body. “Your issues are resolved and you’ll have safe beverage, a correct sewerage system, higher surroundings publically faculties and proprietary rights to those living in slums.”

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