Funding Your Final Year Project (FYP)

Funding Your Final Year Project (FYP) has been initiated by National ICT R&D Fund under the Ministry of Information Technology, Government of Pakistan.

National ICT R&D Fund is inviting nominations for its program “National Grassroots ICI Research Initiative”. This initiative aims to promote, enable, and encourage R&D culture at the grassroots level. The Fund will provide financial support to selected Final Year Projects (FYPs) of undergraduate students enrolled in 1CT related disciplines like Computer Science & Information Technology,
Electrical, Electronics, Telecom, Computer, and Software Engineering.

The break-up of budget for each FYP under this initiative
is as follows:

Equipment: Maximum up to Rs. 65,000/-

Miscellaneous: Maximum up to Rs. 10,000/-

Stipend for Students: For up to 4 Students @ Rs. 3,750/- per student

Honorarium for FYP Supervisor: Rs.10,000/- (only for one FYI) supervisor)

How to Apply for Funding Your Final Year Project (FYP)

The nominations for Final Year Projects may be furnished through respective Head of Departments on the prescribed nomination form and sent at the following address (No online submission is accepted):

General Manager – Monitoring National ICT R&D Fund,
6th Floor, HBL Tower, Jinnah Avenue,
Blue Area, Islamabad
For queries:

For further information about Funding Your Final Year Project (FYP) visit:

Funding Your Final Year Project (FYP) Advertisement

Funding of Final Year Projects

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