Flood victims are facing water and foods shortage


Flood victims are facing water and foods shortage in CHITRAL:

The flood-affected individuals accommodated in an exceedingly camp in Mori Lusht space on Booni road are facing numerous issues, as well as shortage of water and food.

Talking to this correspondent here on Sunday, the affected individuals aforesaid that forty families of their village had been displaced and rendered homeless once the flash floods caused destruction in their village.

One Ashraf Ali aforesaid that that they had been facing severe shortage of water as their camp was settled at a distance of over 5 kilometers from the supply of water settled at another village in Mori Lusht space.

He aforesaid that that they had lost everything within the floods from their homes to fields of maize crop and vegetable and orchards of grapes, pomegranates, pear and peach. He aforesaid that their support was badly affected because the agricultural manufacture was their solely supply of sustenance.

A member of Chitral tehsil council from the world, Abdul Qayum crowned head, aforesaid that because the whole village had been coated by the muddy flood that they had no different however to maneuver to the camp.

He aforesaid that the relief merchandise being provided to them by the govt were quite scant and didn’t fulfill their wants and daily needs.

Koh Integrated Development Programme chairman Abdul Ghafar aforesaid that the tents were provided to the affected individuals by his organisation following the floods. He appealed to the globe Food Organisation to rush to the rescue of the injured individuals of Mori Lusht and save them from starvation.

He aforesaid that the affected individuals might be supplied with water solely through transporting it from another village that was too pricey.

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