Earthquake-damaged house to rebuild

Earthquake-damaged house to rebuild
Earthquake-damaged house to rebuild PESHAWAR: Sixty-year-old Mohammed Hakim, a resident of Shamshi Khan, Lower Dir, was happy once receiving Rs200,000 from the govt to build his home broken within the recent earthquake, however presently he accomplished that the quantity was insufficient for the work.

“With this quantity I can’t take away even the trash of my home,” same mister Hakim, whose six-room mud house caved in once the earthquake barrel Asian nation, Afghanistan and Asian country on Oct twenty six.

“Can the govt give America an inspiration or style to create one area with this amount?
I will either use mud and stone to build my home or borrow cash to construct a quake-proof structure,” he said.

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According to the Provincial Disaster Management Authority, the quake had broken or destroyed ninety two,816 homes in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has proclaimed that the federal and KP governments would collectively provide Rs two hundred,000 for reconstruction a destroyed home and Rs100,000 for a part broken one.

“Keeping visible the value of construction material and labour, the compensation being obtained building a home is like throwing a pinch of salt into the ocean,” same Wali Yousafzai, a technologist.
the govt ought to be realistic as a result of even repair of a broken home wasn’t potential during this quantity, he added.

“You need to take away the whole structure if a building is broken part,” he said, advising the govt to 1st do a survey of affected buildings before paying compensation.

After the 2005 earthquake, the govt had paid Rs two hundred,000 for reconstruction of a home once the America dollar was price concerning Rs65, however currently the buck fetches Rs106.

Mr Hakim is brooding about constructing Associate in Nursing earthquake-proof structure, however he doesn’t have ability concerning it.

Experts believe that the govt has most popular old school steps, rather than taking disaster risk management measures, together with adopting new building codes and constructing quake-proof homes.

“Before paying the compensation the govt ought to have sure the affected folks to follow building codes in reconstruction of their homes,” same Mushtaq Ahmad January, Director of the Centre for Disaster preparation and Management, University of Peshawar.

He same the building codes for seismal areas, 2007, and therefore the National Disaster Risk Reduction Policy, 2013, had been framed so as to scale back losses of life and property.

“Ultimately folks residing in seismal zones can need to adopt building codes and construct quake-proof homes,”
he said, “In the post-quake situation life in mud homes in seismal zones is like staying during a burial ground.”

Pakistan is susceptible to multiple natural disasters owing to its geology conditions and environmental condition changes.
Kashmir, Gilgit, Chitral, Dir and Quetta lie a really high hazard zone, Balakot, Saidu Sharif and Malakand in high hazard, whereas Peshawar and its encompassing areas, Kohat and elements of the social group area unitas are during a moderate zone.

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