Dr Asim Hussain shifted into Rangers custody

Dr Asim Hussain shifted into Rangers custody
Dr Asim Hussain shifted into Rangers custody KARACHI: Officials have transferred Sindh Higher Education Commission (HEC) chairman Dr Asim Hussain into the custody of Rangers personnel, sources told Geo News on Thursday.

Officials in plain clothes had raided the Sindh HEC office on Wednesday, taking the former petroleum minister away to an undisclosed location for questioning. It was unclear if Dr Asim had been formally detained or on what charges he was being questioned as no investigative agency or law enforcement department issued an official comment regarding the incident.

But sources told Geo News today that the Sindh HEC chairman has now been transferred into the custody of Rangers personnel, who are expected to present him in an anti-terrorism court around noon.
Meanwhile, a petition was submitted in the Sindh High Court (SHC) today challenging the detention of Dr Asim Hussain. The petition, filed by Aijaz Fatima, the mother of Dr Asim, argues that the former minister is not wanted in any case. It states that Dr Asim is willing to cooperate in investigation if any accusation is leveled against him.

Separately, Dr Asim’s wife Dr Zareen Hussain has written a letter to the Inspector-General (IG) Sindh Police, asking to be informed of his whereabouts and condition.

“We hail from an educated and law abiding background but at the same time, as family of Dr Asim Hussain, we have the right to be disclosed of his whereabouts and condition in which he is presently in,” read the letter addressed to the Sindh IGP.

The letter states that Dr Asim is a chronic patient of diabetes and hypertension and requires constant medical care.

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