Churna Island badly affects coral reefs

Churna Island badly affects coral reefs

Churna Island badly affects coral reefs KARACHI: The red protoctist bloom that occurred on the Sindh-Balochistan coast within the months of August and September killed variety of marine species, a World Wide Fund for Nature-Pakistan (WWF-P) professional same on weekday.

Apart from fish mortality according from Pasni and Ormara in Balochistan, the development usually observed as seawater conjointly severely affected the coral reefs of Churna Island in metropolis.

“The seawater (called mara pani in native language) started from Gwadar in early August so affected towards the east and lined the complete Asian nation coast. It died down by the top of last month,” same Muhammad Moazzam Khan, operating as technical consultant on marine fisheries with WWF-P. He further that the tide caused the death of benthonic fishes and invertebrates.

He, however, didn’t link the presence of dead fish on the ocean read beach in early August with the seawater. “There should be another reason for his or her death as a result of the seawater had virtually died down by the time it reached metropolis. i used to be in Gwadar wherever the development had developed and took photos of the discolored H2O,” he added.

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