Bani Gala Maximus removed Reham’s luggage

Bani Gala Maximus  removed Reham’s luggage
Bani Gala Maximus removed Reham’s luggage LONDON: Reham Khan’s belongings were far from the Bani Gala mansion on Sunday evening in an exceedingly extremely clinical and arranged operation – every week when Imran Khan and Reham went public concerning their heart-breaking public split.

Many speculative reports were revealed concerning the removal baggage|of bags|of baggage} of RehamKhan from the house the couple shared along with her former cricket star husband except for the primary time on Sunday her luggage was removed – additional protection the top of Imran Khan’s wedding to Reham Khan.

A trusty PTI supply confirmed to Geo News that “all belongings of Reham Khan are far from Bani Gala, there’s nothing left behind, all traces have gone, most has been removed too”.

Geo News has it on authority that Imran Khan’s four sisters and nephews arrived yesterday in Bani Gala and dead the “clean up operation”.

According to an appointment, Reham Khan’s kinsman Yousuf Khan came to receive the baggage of her aunty Reham Khan.
Yousuf Khan was gift at the nikah ceremony of the couple and has been pictured with Imran Khan and Reham on many occasions.

A supply near Reham Khan camp additionally confirmed that the baggage has been removed and everything happened as per a thought.

Geo News has solely broken the news on Sunday that Sources aforementioned that Maximus, the Belgian shepherd, was originally bought by Reham Khan in England and brought to Bani Gala.
The PTI supply confirmed: “Maximus was bimanual over toYousuf Khan as he was functioning on behalf of Reham Khan,” aforementioned the well placed supply.

Its understood that each side changed lists and notes before the “clean up” and “hand over” operation and everything was done amicably.
the baggage removed includes furnishings things, suitcases, carpets, clothes, papers, jewelry things, paintings, shoes, belongings of Reham Khan’s kids and even cutlery.

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