After you apply for worksharing benefits in Canada Form

After you apply for worksharing benefits in Canada Form may be downloaded below and related details are given as well hereudner.

It is important for you to:

be available for work with your worksharing employer. Benefits will not be paid for work missed due to non-availability with that employer, however you do not have to be available for work with other employers, during the worksharing period,

report any earnings from non worksharing employment along with the name of the employer. Report these earnings separately from your worksharing earnings, on your claimant’s report,

notify us of any separation from employment and the reasons for the separation.

It is important for us to:

give you prompt, courteous service,

establish a claim for unemployment benefits, if you meet the entrance requirements specified by the Employment Insurance Act,

process your claim for worksharing benefits as quickly and objectively as possible,

defer the normal 2 week waiting period while you are in receipt of worksharing benefits,

inform you of decisions rendered on your claim and explain the process to follow if you decide to appeal a decision.

You are not required to look for other work when you are participating in a worksharing agreement. You must report your earnings from any other employment in block “F” of your claimant’s report. In regard to earnings from other employment, you can earn 25% of your weekly benefit or $50, whichever is higher, without changing the amount of benefits you will receive for that week. As per the worksharing agreement, when calculating the amount of benefit to which you are entitled, any overtime worked during a week is deducted from the hours missed during that week. A full week of sickness is not a worksharing week and worksharing benefits will not be paid. However, you may be entitled to sickness benefits for that week. (A waiting period may apply.) If you make an honest mistake and give us incorrect information on your claim, it is not too late to provide the proper (or corrected) information. Under our disclosure policy, we can waive any penalty or prosecution if the matter is not already under investigation. However, if you knowingly hold back information or change the facts to make a false or misleading representation, you are committing an act or omission for which we could impose severe penalties.

Download After you apply for worksharing benefits in Canada Form

After you apply for worksharing benefits in Canada Form

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